U.P. Assembly Elections | It’s 80% vs 20% in U.P. Assembly election, says Yogi Adityanath

Chief Minister makes subtle reference to religious composition in State


The 2022 Uttar Pradesh Assembly election had progressed to a battle of 80% vs 20%, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said on Sunday, perhaps subtly hinting at the religious composition in the State where Muslims make up over 19% of the population.

Responding to a question on why Brahmins in the State should vote for the BJP when the Opposition SP and BSP were wooing the caste to defeat the party, Mr. Adityanath said the fight had advanced much further from there.

Yeh ladai usse bahut agay ja chuki hain. Yeh ladai assi banam bees ki ho chuki hain [This fight has already moved ahead from there. This fight has become a fight of 80 vs. 20],” Mr. Adityanath said at a conclave hosted by a news channel.

When the anchor hinted if he meant 19% when he said 20%, a reference to the State’s Muslim population, Mr. Adityanath said 80% of the voters who favour nationalism, good governance and development would press the BJP’s lotus button in the election. And those who are against nationalism, development and farmers and are supporters of mafia and criminals, and back professionals rioters and corrupt persons and embrace anti-India elements, “those 15-20 percent people will choose a different path,” Mr. Adityanath noted.

The Chief Minister further said that the Brahmins would provide leadership to this election of the ‘80 versus 20’.

“Brahmin doesn’t mean caste but prabudh samaj [learned community],” Mr. Adityanath added.

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