Unstoppable 2: Pawan Kalyan episode @ 100 million viewing minutes

The day that Nandamuri and Mega fans  were eagerly waiting for has arrived. Balakrishna Unstoppable show episode with Pawan Kalyan is streaming on Aha. Pawan Kalyan opened up about many things in front of Balayya Babu in this episode. Gabbar Singh star  sat in front of Balayya and talked very funny. Along with his personal matters, he shared his film and political matters.  For the first time in OTT history, an entire episode was showcased to fans at Prasad Labs, Hyderabad, where the admirers of Power Star and Balakrishna came in larger numbers to celebrate.  Now according to the latest report, Balakrishna and Pawan Kalyan’ episode has now amassed a massive 100 million viewing minutes, which depicts the level of craze the episode carries.

Balayya Babu asked many things about Pawan Kalyan. He also asked about his relationship with  Mega Power Star Ram Charan. Ram Charan revealed that he went to Singapore with Pawan Kalyan Baba and caused him a lot of trouble there.  Rangasthalam star said that since father and mother were not around, he ate food like pizza and burger as he wanted, when he was 4 or 5 years old.

Ram Charan shared that he gorged on the street food and threw up on the streets of Singapore and it was Power Star, who was also his caretaker back then, who looked after him.

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