‘UPA will win despite adverse exit poll forecast’

Exist polls manipulated by Modi’s gang of sycophants to please him: Narayana Reddy

Dismissing the projections of exit polls, the Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) treasurer, Gudur Narayana Reddy, has expressed confidence that the Congress-led UPA would wrest the elections in spite of adverse forecast given by some exit poll agencies and media houses.

Mr. Reddy said on Tuesday that it was either due to fear or with greed that such agencies were predicting a landslide victory for the BJP-led NDA. He urged the people to observe the language and the content being aired by news channels that predicted Mr. Modi’s victory.

Though BJP had won 282 seats on its own in the Lok Sabha elections in 2014, the Congress leader said the entire NDA was expected to be restricted to around 275-285 seats this time. “No channel is showing a State-wise break-up of seats likely to be won by the BJP in comparison with the 2014 elections,” he pointed out in a statement.

Similarly, while the average seats predicted to be won by the Congress were being shown as higher than in 2014, nearly three times higher compared to the last elections, Mr. Reddy expressed dismay that no television channel had given the credit of such performance to the leadership of Congress president Rahul Gandhi. He alleged that most of the exist polls were manipulated by Mr. Modi’s gang of sycophants to please their boss for the one last time.

Huge difference

Stating that there was a huge difference in the findings of different agencies, the TPCC treasurer felt that there was absolutely no scientific basis for the outcome.

He stated that there was no wave in favour of the BJP or Mr. Modi at the ground level in any part of the country.

Mr. Narayana Reddy observed that all the praise showered on the BJP by a section of media would prove to be the text for an obituary to be written on the Modi government on May 23.

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