Vegetable vendor on a traffic violation spree

Police slap ₹15,400 fine on Manjunath who has over 70 pending cases

The police may be waging a war of sorts against traffic offenders, but some motorists just don’t seem to get the message.

The Rajajinagar traffic police have caught a two-wheeler rider who was allegedly involved in over 70 traffic violations. “He has been hoodwinking us for the last one year,” said a police officer.

The repeat offender, Manjunath, a vegetable vendor from Laggere, was caught during a routine vehicle check near Mahalakshmi Layout bus stop on Thursday. Ravindra N., Assistant sub-inspector who was on duty, stopped Manjunath for riding his two-wheeler without a helmet. When he probed further for previous cases, he found that there were 70 cases of violations booked against him in the last one year. The police slapped a fine of ₹15,400 and seized his two-wheeler. According to the police, the vehicle was registered in his father’s name, though Manjunath was the one who used it. “He has so many violations, including riding without a helmet, triple riding, wrong parking, and jumping signals,” said the police.

Most people don’t violate rules as often once they are caught, but there are always exceptions.

“We are now contemplating confiscating the driving licence of repeat violators, who are also endangering the lives of motorists through dangerous and rash and negligent driving,” said a traffic official.

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