VHP holds meeting of seers of NK and Maharashtra

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) held a meeting of seers of North Karnataka and Maharashtra at the KLE centenary auditorium in Belagavi on Saturday, to discuss preparations for construction of the Sri Ram Mandir in Ayodhya.

“The Ram Mandir will not only be a place for prayer and gathering of the faithful. It will also be a cultural centre that will help rid Hindu society of evils like untouchability, caste-based discrimination, and conversion,” said Sri Adrushya Kadasiddheshwar Swami of Kaneri Mutt.

Indian society has forgotten its glorious tradition of spirituality. It needs the guidance of saints and seers to come out of the oblivion and evolve into a Vishwa Guru, the spiritual leader of the world, the seer said. The oblivion was a result of continuous attacks by the Greeks, Khalji dynasty, Mughals, and British, he reasoned.

He said that successive governments had forced upon the false narrative of secularism among the people of the country, rather than training them in spirituality. Textbooks contain only the defeats that India suffered in the hands of foreigners. That led to our youth developing a slave mentality. While the invaders get several pages in history books, the Hindu kings of Vijayanagara kingdom who ruled over 300 years get only a few lines.

While dynasties of Mouryas and Chaukyas had taken India to the top of the world in economy, art and education, the leftist historians who dominated text book writing deliberately hid such facts. They filled text books with false narratives that made Indians feel embarrassed about their own history. All these need to be reversed, he said. The overriding influence of leftist teachers is the reason why anti-national activities are reported from all universities, he alleged.

‘Raise funds’

He asked all seers to lead a movement to raise funds for the temple.

Sri Panchamalingeshwar Swami of Nidasosi, Sri Gurusiddha Swami of Karanji Mutt, Sri Chandrashekar Shivacharya Swami of Hukkeri Mutt, Sri Sadashivananda Swami of Gadag, VHP leaders Keshav Hegde, RSS leader Raghavendra Kagawad, Ram Mandir Fund raising committee leader Manohar Mathad, Krishna Bhat, R.K. Bagi, Srikant Kadam, Dilip Vernekar, and others were present.

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