Vishwak said I will never say sorry about that !!

Vishwak Sen made a prank video for the publicity of his film ‘Ashokavanam lo Arjuna Kalyanam’. He wanted to attract the audience as a fan on the sidewalk was attempting suicide with petrol. Advocate hero Arun Kumar complained to HRC that action should be taken against Vishwak Sen and the movie team. Vishwak Sen and the ‘Ashokavanam lo Arjuna Kalyanam’ team explained his situation and started trying to reach a compromise so that the complaint could be withdrawn.

But in the meantime a TV channel hosted a live debate show to make the matter more controversial and increase TRP. Leading anchor and Bigg Boss contestant Devi Nagavalli hosted the show. The staff of the TV channel were the ones who provoked the celebrities and made them lose their temper and make their words slip. Everyone knows this stuff.

That is why the hero Vishwak Sen slipped his mouth and exclaimed using the word ‘F ***’. This is exactly what the TV channel wants. But, Anchor Devi said, “Get out of my studio.” Everyone who saw this visual thought it was a prank too. Because the audience has seen a lot like this in the past.. In that, this TV channel they only need is TRP.. It was a good workout for them too.

If not, the prankster and Vishwak Sen are fine and the person who filed the case is also fine. Now Devi Nagavalli is stuck unnecessarily. Being trolled badly. Vishwak Sen also said he would not comment on this matter. He said he was not at fault for anything other than the use of the word ‘F ***’ but He would write a note once and post it on social media for using such a word as a media platform.

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