Visual wonder of 'Hanuman' Trailer..Pranshanth Varma will show his ability in pan India range!

Young and talented director Prashant Verma who surprised the audience with his first film ‘A!’.He shocked the audience once again with his second film ‘Kalki’ with a senior actor like Raja Shekhar. With Teja Sajja as the hero, for the first time in the Telugu industry, ‘Zombie Reddy’ was made with the backdrop of zombies. Now the first superhero Hanuman is going to be shown on the Indian screen.

Teja Sajja and Amrita Iyer as hero and heroines..Pranshant Varma’s pan India film..’Hanuman‘..based on Hanuman’s powers as ‘The Most Powerful Super Hero in the Universe’..presented by Mrs. Chaitanya..K. under the banner of Prime Show Entertainment. Produced by Niranjan Reddy and produced by Prestigious. The first look and motion posters released so far have received a good response. Recently the teaser of ‘Hanuman’ was released.

Everyone who has seen the teaser is saying that it is simply superb. The teaser looks like Prashant Varma is going to do magic as well as mesmerize once again.. The visuals are as usual.. The director took the audience to a new world by showing a huge statue of Anjaneyu in the opening of the teaser. While the powerful Hanuman hymn is coming as a voice over in the background.. he has been revealing the key moments of the story one by one.

It seems interesting how the super nature powers of Hanuman will be applied to the hero. While the rowdies are flying in the air in the action scenes.. Anjaneyu’s statue is shown in the background.. At the end of the teaser, the visuals like water freezing around Hanuman are giving goosebumps. 

Shivendra Visuals, Gaura Hari, Anudeep Dev, Krishna Saurabh background score is very good. While Varalakshi Sarath Kumar, Vinay Roy (Vana fame), Raj Deepak Shetty will be seen in key roles, Vennela Kishore, Getup Srinu, Satya and others are playing other roles.

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