Voters told to exercise franchise to elect better candidates

The Kalaburagi Bar Association has appealed to voters of Kalaburagi to exercise their franchise positively to elect members [councillors] who can make efforts to ensure the development of their wards.

District Bar Association president Rajkumar Kadaganchi and general secretary P.N. Kapnoor, addressing a press conference here on Thursday, expressed their displeasure over the decline in voting percentage.

They said that “by casting our votes for better candidature in our opinion, we can expect development of the city.”

Mr. Kadaganchi said that candidates that the people choose must have a fair knowledge of government welfare schemes to help people benefit. They should also make efforts to get better allocation for development of their wards.

He said that councillors fail to utilise the funds allocated to their wards. And, lower utilisation of the allocated funds hampers development, he added.

Mr. Kapnoor said that the association will organise awareness campaigns to ensure a better voter turnout this time.

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