‘Wasn’t at home, ask Delhi police’: AAP’s Tahir Hussain denies hand in Ankit Sharma’s murder

Aam Aadmi party councillor Tahir Hussain who is under scanner for alleged involvement in the gruesome murder of Intelligence Bureau employee Ankit Sharma during the riots in northeast Delhi has reiterated his innocence and suggested that Delhi Police could bear out his claims.

Ankit Sharma’s family had named Hussain as a suspect after Sharma’s body bearing knife-wounds was pulled out of a drain not far from the AAP councillor’s house in Chand Bagh area on Wednesday.

They claimed to have seen some rioters use Hussain’s building as their base and alleged the councillor’s involvement in Ankit’s murder

Hussain, however, said he had moved out of the house a day before Ankit was killed as he feared for his own safety and had informed the Delhi police about the possibility of miscreants misusing his house.

“I requested the police to be present in the area as my building was being targeted and could be used for wrongful purposes. Delhi Police was present at the building, only they can tell what exactly happened,” Hussain was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

He promised to “fully cooperate” with the police and said he was actually involved in efforts to stop the violence that led to deaths of 34 people in three days.

“I worked to stop violence, I’m innocent. I stopped people from climbing up my building,” ANI quoted Hussain.

Hussain claims Delhi police personnel were present at his house till 4 pm on Feb 25, the day Ankit is believed to have been murdered.

“On Feb 24, police conducted a search of my building & moved us out from there, & later, we shifted to a safe location. Till 4 pm on Feb 25, police were present at the building,” Hussain was quoted as saying.

Hussain’s proclamation of innocence had earlier been posted online by Aam Aadmi Party. The party, however, maintains that it backs the strictest action against anyone involved in the riots.

BJP’s Kapil Mishra, who is himself under fire for instigating violence through speeches and mobilisation, had tweeted a video earlier today alleging Hussain was among the rioters who had attacked and killed Ankit Sharma on Tuesday evening.

“If Tahir Hussain’s phone call details are released, it would show both Sanjay Singh and Kejriwal’s role in the violence and Intelligence Bureau officer Ankit Sharma’s murder,” tweeted Mishra.

Tahir, however, has rejected all such allegations and said he was “sad” to hear about Ankit’s death.

“He should get justice. I am not involved in this incident. There should be a thorough investigation of this matter,” he said.

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