Watch | MP woman forced to walk with boy on shoulders for allegedly leaving her husband

The video also shows a man hitting her from the back with the sticks when she slows down.  

Three persons were arrested for allegedly parading a woman in Madhya Pradesh’s Guna district and forcing her to carry a boy on her shoulders. 

According to the police, a case has been registered and three of the four accused have been arrested. “This incident is of February 9 and it came to my notice a day after when the video went viral. So far, three out of the four accused have been arrested. The fourth one will be arrested soon. This is a barbaric incident and which is why we took steps so quickly,” said Rajeev Mishra, Superintendent of Police, Guna.

Speaking to The Indian Express, Mishra explained that as per preliminary information, the woman stated that she was left by her husband at another man’s house when he left for work. She began living with the other man which irked her in-laws. “We have arrested all the four people and will also carry out awareness drive to ensure that people do not repeat such acts.”

In a video of the incident, the woman was seen struggling to walk under the weight of the boy as some of the villagers walking alongside poke fun at her. The video also shows a man hitting her from behind with a stick when she slows down.

The woman allegedly left her husband for someone else. Angered by her decision, the woman’s relatives beat her up, according to the news agency ANI.

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