Wild elephants spotted in Mandekolu village

A herd of wild elephants is roaming around the Mandekolu village and its surrounding areas in Sullia taluk for the last 10 days damaging crops of some farmers, reports reaching here said.

The herd comprises three adults and three baby elephants. The pachyderms entered some farmland in Mururu, Devaragunda, Akkappady, Kalladkka, Kanyana, Aerkalpady, Bolugallu, Perdodi, Putya and Mavanji, the reports said and added that they are damaging crops during the night.

The villagers are encountering the elephants at times on the road during the day. Some people captured images of the herd crossing the Payaswini river and roaming in the same area in Mandekolu village on Wednesday.

Though the Forest Department has dug up trenches to prevent their entry to Mandekolu village, these steps have not yielded any result and the presence of the elephants has created fear among the people, the reports said.

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