Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2020 — first pictures released


Naturally the best!


Possums, primates and disappearing habitats all feature among the first images to be released from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2020 awards.


The images include hard-hitting depictions of the devastating impact climate change and the wildlife is having on the environment, among other more playful images of animals spotted in their natural habitats.


The overall winners of the competition will be announced on October 13, with the awards ceremony conducted virtually, for the first time, from the museum’s Hintze Hall.


Take a look.

The Rat Game


Paired-up Puffins 

The Perfect Catch

Head Start

Amazon Burning

Treetop Douc

The Spider’s Supper

Peeking Possums


Eye of the Drought

Memorial to the albatrosses

A Risky Business

The Forest Born of Fire

The Night Shift

World of tar

Wind birds

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