Will Make A Note On Special Status – Jagan

Special Category Status

Just a day after Narendra Modi has been re-appointed as the Prime Minister, AP CM-elect YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has met him and sought his complete support for the truncated state of Andhra Pradesh. Jagan said he has “reminded” Modi about the Special Category Status demand of Andhra Pradesh. Jagan said he whenever he visits Prime Minister, he said he keeps bringing up the demand of Special Category Status for Andhra Pradesh with him. Jagan said AP is debt-laden and sought financial assistance from the Centre. He appealed to the PM that the state is surviving on Over Draft. Jagan said Modi has responded positively on the issues of Andhra Pradesh.

KCR’s Support

Jagan said both the Telugu states would cooperate with each other and work for the interests of one another. He said TRS has 9 MPs and YCP has 22 MPs and the total tally is 31 MPs who would support the cause of Special Category Status. “I don’t know whether TDP’s 3 MPs would also join to support us or not,” said Jagan.


Taking a dig at former CM Chandrababu Naidu, Jagan said, “When the residuary state of AP was formed, it has 97,000 Crore debts. After five year rule of Chandrababu, the debts increased to 2,57,000 crore. Every year, the state is paying an interest of 20,000 crore interests on its debts.” Jagan also said he will be convening meetings with all the departments.

Amit Shah

Jagan said he has met Amit Shah as a custom. Describing Amit Shah as the second-most powerful person in the country (after Narendra Modi) and the president of BJP, the party that has absolute power, he said he discussed with Amit Shah over AP’s problems. Jagan clarified that there was no political agenda behind meeting Amit Shah.

Capital Amaravati

Calling the declaration of Amaravati as a major scam, Jagan said, “It is not an ordinary scam. Chandrababu has done a mammoth scam.” Jagan further alleged that Chandrababu Naidu has done “insider trading” in the issue of Amaravati. Jagan reiterated that Chandrababu had aware of capital was going to come at Amaravati and had diverted the people that the capital was coming elsewhere. “Meanwhile, Chandrababu and his benamis had bought lands at cheaper prices at Amaravati. Later, Amaravati has been declared as the capital city,” said Jagan.

“In the name of land pooling, Chandrababu’s government had grabbed the lands of farmers forcibly. Whereas the lands of his benamis have been excluded. And again, some of the procured lands have been sold at cheaper price to the people of their interest.” Jagan said there are many more scams and corruption took place in AP in the last 5 years. Jagan said he is not personally against to Chandrababu.


Jagan said that Polavaram Irrigation Project has to be completed on war-footing basis. He said he will take full measures to complete the Polavaram at the earliest. “If a scam took place in Polavaram, definitely will order for an inquiry. We will reveal the misdeeds that took place in Polavaram at the right time.”


Jagan said he is going to sworn-in as the CM on 30th May. He said the cabinet will be decided in a week or 10 days. He said he is going to reveal what he will do and what his government is going to do in his swearing-in speech. He said “Navaratnalu” is his top priority. He said he will give best governance and said AP will see revolutionary growth within 6 months or 1 year. He said liquor trade will be controlled in a step-by-step and phase-by-phase manner. He said alcohol will only be provided at five star hotels. He said AP will have a ban on liquor by 2024.

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