Will Tollywood bounce back in 2021?

2020 like for everyone has been a disaster year for Tollywood as well. Unlike its regular case, Tollywood has only seen 49 movies releasing this year which is very disastrous. Telugu Cinema has lost hundreds of Crores. With the theaters now opened although to 50 percent occupancy is a positive sign.

With the Sankranthi movies settling in, Tollywood will get the required boost up. Slowly audiences are moving towards the theaters.

Tollywood is hoping that within a month or two, this 50 percent occupancy will be lifted which will be a major positive sign for the industry.

In 2021, all the star heroes movies are going to be released and a very exciting lineup and the busy year are ahead for the Telugu Cinema with a few Pan India releases. We have to see whether Tollywood can bounce back strong.

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