With implant, two regain oral cavity features lost to Mucormycosis

They had lost the ability to speak and chew food

Two individuals who had lost some of their oral cavity features due to Mucormycosis, and were unable to speak or chew food, have now regained it.

Dental and maxillofacial surgeons from Medicover Hospitals, Madhapur, said they used medical grade titanium to mill an implant plate which was used to construct lost structure of oral cavity. The patients had lost a part of their palate, cheek bone, and other sections of the oral cavity.

Giving a peek into the psychological trauma they faced, the two patients shared that when they ate food, it used to slip through the openings in the roof of their mouth and get drained out of the nose. One of them is a priest and the other an insurance agent, from Andhra Pradesh. Both of them, in their 40s, were not able to spell words the way they used to and had partially lost chewing ability.

At a press conference held at the hospital on Wednesday, the patients said they have now regained the ability to chew food and speak.

Maxillofacial prosthodontist from the hospital, C. Sharat Babu said the titanium implant has to be custom designed according to the extent of deformity of each of patient. After placing the implant, acrylic and peek is used to build mass around it. Thereafter, teeth are placed.

“The implant lasts for a lifetime and is biocompatible (does not cause infections). The patients were suggested to consult us once in six months,” said Dr Sharat Babu. The hospital has received more such patients in need of corrective surgeries.

Doctors K. Naveen, Sushmita, and others from the team were present at the press conference.

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