Woman seeks permission to sell kidney to pay daughter’s fee

Govt. scholarship not released, girl suffering in the Philippines, she says

The mother of an MBBS student, Aggipetla Rubiya Khanam, studying in the Phillippines under the Videshi Vidya Deevena Scheme, on Monday sought the permission of the Anantapur Collector to sell away her kidney to pay for the fee and expenses of her daughter.

Fifteen students from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are staying in a single room in the cellar of a hostel after they were thrown out of the hostel for not paying the fee. The parents are not in a position to pay the fee as they depended on the State government’s scholarship sanctioned to them.

Magbul Jan, hailing from Hindupur, told The Hindu at the Collector office on Monday that her daughter Ms. Rubiya Khanam had got admitted to Davao Medical School Foundation INC. at Davavo University in the Philippines and applied for the State government’s scholarship. She got the E-Pass also, but the amount was not being released despite the sanction for the past one year.

“The total cost of the MBBS education at the university was supposed to be ₹30 lakh for the entire study period and out of that we were promised ₹10 lakh scholarship before the pandemic broke out, and the Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy government had enhanced the amount to ₹15 lakh later. However, about 560 such students were still waiting for the release of the money,” she said.

About 160 students from Andhra Pradesh had applied under the Minority Welfare Department and the others under the Economically Backward Classes and the BC quota, she explained.

Hit by pandemic

Engaged in textile and sari business in Hindupur, they were confident of raising ₹20 lakh over the five-year period. “However, the pandemic and the lockdown broke our back as business has slumped from ₹11,000 a day to ₹1,500,” Ms. Magbul Jan said.

“We wanted to raise funds by mortgaging our house, but couldn’t do even that as it is an old house with no municipal permissions built before my marriage,” she added.

Ms. Magbul came to the Collectorate to urge the Collector for the scholarship amount or permission to sell her kidney to raise the funds. “I am in a desperate situation as I cannot see my daughter suffer in inhuman conditions, living in a single room along with 14 others with just one bathroom to share,” she bemoaned.

“The front desk at Spandana does not give a receipt as it is COVID time and the District Collector is busy addressing a large gathering of volunteers and I cannot meet him,” she lamented. “I am not sure if my grievance will be taken up or if it will reach the District Collector. I had met him once in the past, but no action has been taken so far,” she said.

Many suffering

Another person, Prasada Reddy, had sent his son to the United Kingdom for engineering education and is now raising loans mortgaging his wife’s gold to pay for his son’s studies as he is yet to get the scholarship amount. His wife had gone all the way to the Chief Minister’s office on a scooter from Hindupur, last year, but was not allowed to meet him.

Now, about 170 persons (parents) with similar issues have come together and are planning to meet the Chief Minister after Ugadi festivities.

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