‘Won’t Leave TDP Till My Last Breath’

Ever since YSRCP swept AP in 151 seats out of 175 seats, there has been strong speculation in political circles that several senior leaders of TDP and former ministers who lost in the polls could jump to ruling YCP to save themselves for next 5 years. It is strongly buzzed that former Civil Supplies Minister and ex Guntur district TDP president Prathipati Pulla Rao could be one among them who would cross over to YSRCP.

Responding to the wide-spread rumours on him in social media platforms, Prathipati has responded strongly. He quashed all such rumours as baseless. He said he will not join YCP and he made it clear that he will not leave TDP until his last breath.

“Many people are spreading rumours on me that I will leave TDP and I will join YSRCP. There is no truth in it. Some malicious campaign is going on against me in social media that there are cases against me and that is the reason why I would join YSRCP. I would like to clarify that there are no cases against me whatsoever. I have not done any mistake at all. I will continue in TDP till my death,” said Prathipati.

Prathipati also warned those who are spreading lies against him and those who running “malicious” campaign against him.

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