Yatnal hits out at CM again

He says Yediyurappa will be forced to resign

Basangouda Patil Yatnal, MLA and BJP leader, has said that Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa will be forced to reign as the party senior leadership had “learnt of his dishonest ways.”

“The allegations of corruption and disloyalty to the party made by Minister C.P. Yogeshwar against the Chief Minister are right,’’ Mr. Yatnal told journalists in Vijayapura on Monday. “The Chief Minister will have to go soon.”

“Mr .Yediyurappa has only two options now. He has to either resign or appoint C.P. Yogeshwar as a Deputy CM with power by June 15,’’ he said. Mr. Yediyurappa has “neither the courage nor the moral authority” to remove Mr. Yogeshwar from the Cabinet, Mr. Yatnal said.

He alleged that B.Y. Vijayendra, the Chief Minister’s son, was mobilising opinion in favour of his father, by asking heads of Lingayat-Veerashaiva mutts to support Mr. Yediyurappa. “Through his trusted aides, Mr. Vijayendra is asking these mutt heads to blame the Central government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. However, I have warned them through my social media handles not to support a corrupt leader like Mr. Yediyurappa,” Mr. Yatnal said. “Mr. Yediyurappa’s family is bringing a bad name to the Lingayat-Veerashaiva community. The community has produced great leaders like S. Nijalingappa, Veerendra Patil and J.H. Patel. But Mr. Yediyurappa has proven to be an embarrassment,’’ he said.

Mr .Yatnal said that he was happy that the plans to transfer around 3,500 acres to Jindal company was cancelled as it was a corrupt deal. “It is just my guess that it involved corruption to the tune of ₹3,500 crore. The land is rich in minerals and the State government was trying to sell it to them at ₹1 lakh per acre. This is unacceptable. Such land would not be available for that price anywhere in India. With that kind of money, the State government could have built hospitals, oxygen plants and drug manufacturing units in each village.”

He felt that there was no need to extend the lockdown after June 7 as it was affecting the poor. The lockdown should be relaxed and ended in phases. The pandemic is already under control. Lockdown should be relaxed at least in low incidence areas. The lockdown should not be misused by anyone to continue to retain his chair, he said.

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