YSR Congress government failed to implement prohibition, alleges Anitha

‘Govt. playing with the health of the poor by selling cheap and spurious liquor at higher prices’

Telugu Desam Party (TDP) Mahila Wing State president V. Anitha criticised the State government’s decision to rationalise VAT and additional excise duty on liquor. Alleging that the YSR Congress Party government has completely failed in implementing its promise on prohibition, she said that the government was extorting money from the poor and playing with their health by selling cheap and spurious liquor at higher prices.

Addressing a press conference at the TDP office here on Sunday, Ms. Anitha said that last year Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy had claimed that he has increased the prices of liquor to introduce total prohibition and keep it out of the reach of the common people. But, the fact was that the State Government has made crores of rupees through liquor sales, she said. She alleged that the government has fixed sales targets for the officials and the targets were reviewed by IAS officers from time to time. She also questioned the inability of the government in facilitating online payment at the wine shops.

The hike in the price of liquor saw a steep increase in ID arrack consumption and ganja smuggling. She alleged that many people who had consumed liquor brands, sold by the Andhra Pradesh government, have suffered severe health ailments.

Ms Anitha also wondered as to what are the AP Mahila Commission members and women leaders of YSR Congress Party were doing when the government was not taking any steps to implement prohibition.

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