Zoo chimpanzee dies of heart attack

The star attraction of Nehru Zoological Park, a chimpanzee named Suzi, is no more. The female primate, which celebrated its 34th birthday with much fanfare, breathed her last due to a heart attack on Thursday.

At about 8.30 a.m., the zoo keepers noticed the animal lying on the floor, and preliminary investigation revealed that the chimpanzee died about half an hour to an hour ago.

Suzi’s birthday was celebrated by the zoo staff on July 15 this year, by decking up a cake with fruits, and arranging her enclosure with various kinds of fruits and vegetables.

The chimp was gifted to the zoo by the Sahara Group in the year 2011, and has since been popular with children.

Post-mortem of the chimpanzee was conducted by a team of veterinary experts from VBRI, LaCONES, and Veterinary College, a note informed.

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