Zoo visit to cost more from Oct. 1

Entry into the State’s zoological parks is set to cost more from October 1. The enhancement, as per the decision taken by the governing board of the Zoos and Parks Authority of Telangana State, has been in the range of ₹10 to ₹15 per head.

Accordingly, entry into the zoo park on a weekday will cost ₹60 for an adult and ₹40 for a child. On holidays or weekends, the charges will be ₹75 for adult and ₹50 for a child.

Battery operated vehicle ride for an adult will cost ₹85 on a weekday and ₹100 on holidays and weekends. For a child, it will be ₹50 and ₹60 respectively.

Exclusive hiring of battery operated vehicle too, is set to cost more, while toy train ride will cost ₹40 for an adult and ₹20 for a child.

Costs of safari park drive, use of still camera and video camera, and guest house and meeting hall rentals too, have been raised proportionately.

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