Zoology Museum gets new building

The Zoology Museum at Karnatak College, Dharwad, where rare exhibits, including 2,500 specimens of animals and birds, are on display, has now got a spacious new premises. The new facility was inaugurated on Friday.

Inaugurating the new building, Vice-Chancellor of Karnatak University K.B. Gudasi said that the Zoology Museum was nothing but a treasure trove for degree and research students.

Prof. Gudasi said that the museum, a one-of-its-kind in the State, had over 2,500 specimens of animals and birds that have been preserved in pristine condition. “A curator too has been appointed for the museum to provide information to research students and students should make use of the facility,” he said.

Principal of Karnatak Science College A.S. Bellad said that being one of the largest museums in the State, it was established by Gidiyan in 1947.

He said that the museum turned into a treasure between 1947 and 1960 and it was J.C. Uttangi who brought rare specimens and upgraded the museum.

Curator Mohan More has also worked hard to preserve the specimens in a pristine condition, he said.

Principal of Karnatak Arts College D.B. Kardoni, taxidermist Naveen Pyatimani and other officials of Karnatak University, including K.T. Hanumathappa, H. Nagaraj, M. S. Nayak, and others were present.

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