Adorable kitty interrupts human’s reading by resting on book. Watch

Cats are known to do what they like when they like. Pet parents could be doing something important but if their cat needs attention at that moment, they know they need to drop everything to cater to the kitty. Here’s one such feline who probably knows all too well about this power it has over its human.

A video shared on Reddit shows this cute cat interrupting its human’s reading time in the sweetest way possible. The short clip shows the kitty resting its head on the human’s book.

“Are you reading?” says the caption shared along with the video. Watch the video to see the feline’s adorableness.

Shared 22 hours ago, the clip has collected over 23,000 upvotes and lots of comments.

“I was reading but now I’m distracted by those big beautiful eyes,” commented an individual. To this, someone replied, “Cuteness overload! So adorable”.

“Cats require you to be doing something to pay attention to you,” posted a Reddit user. “You: puts book down to play with cat. Cat: immediately walks away,” replied another commenting on how cats behave.

“How do cat owners ever get anything done? If it were me I’d just be petting the cat all day,” wrote a commenter. Well, we agree.

What do you think about this kitty?

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