AirPods makes a cameo in new Tom & Jerry trailer. Did you spot it?

The much-loved cartoon Tom and Jerry is set to make a comeback in a new film that is scheduled to release in 2021. The trailer, released on November 17, gives a glimpse of a power-packed action film in the form of animation as well as live-action sequences. It created a chatter as people shared mixed reactions about the trailer. Some, however, also spotted a particular thing which left them surprised and amused, simultaneously. It’s a pair of AirPods.

A scene from the trailer shows Jerry relaxing in a bathtub in a bathroom. It’s in the background one can spot the modern-age gadget. Take a look at the trailer to see if you can spot the AirPods too:

The character of Jerry, up-to-date with modern gadgets, has thoroughly amused netizens. People didn’t hold back while commenting how they loved this new version of their favourite cartoon character. While many couldn’t stop laughing at the little mouse’s tub and screen, others expressed how jealous they felt that Jerry has his own AirPods.

Here’s how some reacted:

 What are your thoughts on this?

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