‘Am I being fair to her?’ Teejay Sidhu had apprehensions when her daughter Gia was born

"Should I have got her more things? Am I 'ready' enough? Would I be as excited in the delivery room this second time around?"

While motherhood is a precious journey, it is also one that is filled with apprehensions and fears. And while each mother may feel things differently, it would not be wrong to say that feeling overwhelmed at times is natural, even if it is not the first delivery.

Actor Teejay Sidhu, who welcomed her third child with husband Karanvir Bohra a few months ago, shared a heartfelt post on Instagram, penning her past insecurities as her daughter Gia Vanessa Snow Bohra completed seven months.

“Before delivering this baby, I wondered if I’d be as excited as I was the first time around. That time was magical! Everyone was SO excited to meet the new baby (babies)! (sic),” she wrote, next to a montage video of her baby.



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“The energy in my house was buzzing, the babies couldn’t get there soon enough! We’d all bought so much stuff and done so much prep!” she continued, adding that this time, she “bought a few outfits and a pack of diapers”.

“That’s it. Got me thinking, am I being fair to her? Should I have got her more things? Am I ‘ready’ enough? Would I be as excited in the delivery room this second time around? She was a new soul, and entitled to so much!”

The actor wrote that the moment her daughter was born, everything changed. “She entered the world.. cheerful and curious.. a beautiful, perfect, little baby! She was an easy birth, arriving within 2 hours while her Dad played chants and mantras through his phone.”

The mother-of-three added that she suddenly felt all the emotions, “The love, excitement, post-birth exhilaration.. all that I’d felt for her sisters, I felt for her. There was nothing less because she came second. ❤️ It was all in my head.”

“Happy 7 months to you, my beloved #daughter. I remember this day like it was yesterday. And we’ve celebrated you everyday since. ❤️” she concluded.

Around the world, mothers often beat themselves and feel guilty about their fears before, during and after the birth of their babies. But, experts say that these feelings are natural, and that there is no one certain way of raising babies. Every parent is allowed to do it differently, learning new things and unlearning many other things in the process.

Sidhu also shared in another post — a photograph taken 22 hours after the birth of Gia — writing that while she had wanted to appear glamorous, like “beautiful hospital mom photos” she had seen, when in the delivery room, it is difficult to think about these things.




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“This is probably the most glamorous hospital pic I have. 🙈 I’ve seen beautiful hospital mom photos on social media.. made me wish I’d made a little effort! But honestly, when you’re in a delivery room, the last thing on your mind is lipstick and lash extensions! 😄 And after delivery, you’re too exhausted to do hair or makeup!”

“I guess I could’ve quickly reached into my purse and fixed my face a little? (It just didn’t cross my mind.. until now!) 😂 Oh well.. One day I will be a little more organized.. One day (sic),” she wrote.

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