Can you ace CIA’s analytical skills test? It involves pic of a snowy day

Brain-teasers to quizzes to spot the difference images to find the hidden objects posts, the Internet is filled with puzzles that so many people love to solve. If you’re among them, this post shared on the official Twitter account of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the foreign intelligence service of the federal government of the United States, will leave you absolutely excited.

Taking to Twitter, the organisation invited people to put their analytical skills to test. They shared a Twitter poll and asked people to guess the correct time depicted in the photo. As options they asked people to choose between 3 pm, 11 am, and 7 am. Take a look at the image, can you tell the time correctly?

In case you’re still wondering, here’s the tweet that answers the question:

There were several people who could guess the answer correctly. They also added their reasons for selecting the particular time.

“The cars in the parking lot have snow on hoods. Long shadows. Nobody’s skiing yet. Only 1 car on the road. No pedestrians. My initial guess was, midnight in 1 of those climes where the sun’s up all year round in winter. Second best guess would be early as possible in the morning,” wrote a Twitter user. In two tweets, this is what another user of the mirco-blogging platform wrote:

“Gone for 7am, there is minimal traffic on the road, the snow on the car roofs matched the amount on the roofs indicating a similar snow fall and no ski tracks behind the hotel suggesting no one has skied yet,” said a third.

In a follow-up tweet, CIA also congratulated and wrote that most people guessed it correctly. The tweet is complete with a link to the organisation’s careers page.

What time did you choose?

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