Car showroom adopts stray dog as ‘sales person’, gives it ID card

It has been proved that dogs excel in their jobs of being excellent companions to their humans. But this special doggo has been chosen for quite a different job. And he is quite a hit in that field as well. Presenting Tuscan Prime, a stray doggo, who “works” as an “employee” at a car showroom in Brazil.

The story of this special doggo was showcased on the official Instagram page of Hyundai Brazil. Tuscan used to sit in front of a Hyundai showroom in Serra, Brazil and eventually caught the attention of the people working there.

The post, when translated from Portuguese, describes that now Tuscan Prime is a sales dog at the showroom. It says further that Tuscan is a delight to work with and receives many pats from the customers.

Shared on July 31, the post is complete with photos of the adorable doggo wearing his ID card.

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Mais do que pet friendly, somos pet family: se hoje é o Dia do Vira-lata, não faltam razões e #pets para comemorar! Conheçam o @tucson_prime o “cãosultor” de vendas da concessionária @PrimeHyundai de Serra – ES. O novo integrante tem cerca de um ano, foi acolhido pela família #Hyundai e já conquistou colegas de trabalho e clientes com a sua simpatia – e se ele também acabou de conquistar a sua, toque duas vezes na foto! E você, tem um membro da família com quatro patas assim que adora o seu #Hyundai? Poste a sua foto com #HyundaiPets e fique de olho: ela pode aparecer por aqui. #DiaDoViraLata #PetFriendly #Dogs #Caes #Animais #HyundaiBR

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Tuscan even has his own Instagram page now. The bio on the page describes him as an ex-homeless person and current Sales Resource Development (SRD) dog for the showroom. With over 28,000 followers, Tuscan Prime is now a beloved doggo of the gram.

This special doggo’s story was also shared by actress Swastika Mukherjee on Twitter and Facebook.

“A dog waited outside the Hyundai Showroom until they let him in. Hyundai made an i-card for the baby. The most humane thing to happen in a long time,” reads the caption shared by Mukherjee when translated from Bengali.

The post has garnered over 2,100 likes and tons of reactions from netizens.

What are your thoughts on this paw-fessional doggo?

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