Cop’s ‘annual childhood ritual in Kashmir’ post may leave you in giggles

“If you shave your hair now, it will grow back stronger and healthier,” does this statement sound familiar? Have you ever been coaxed into saying goodbye to your precious locks thanks to this suggestion? Then chances are this post by a Jammu and Kashmir cop will feel close to home. Imtiyaz Hussain took to Twitter to share an “annual childhood ritual in Kashmir,” which you may relate to as well. There’s a possibility that it may also leave you giggling.

“This used to be an annual ritual in our childhood in Kashmir. Come winter and our parents would dress our heads down like this,” Hussain shared. He also posted two images which show kids with their heads shaved clean.

The post has now prompted people to drop all sorts of hilarious comments. Take a look at the post and you may want to join them too.

Since being shared, the post has gathered over 2,500 likes and tons of comments. There were many who wrote how the first image looked like something entirely else. There were some who also reminisced about similar “rituals.”

“When I saw the first pic I thought they are potatoes!” wrote a Twitter user. An individual agreed and commented, “So did I.”

“Sir, for a second I thought the first picture has potatoes. We also have head tonsuring tradition in South,” commented a third. “Oh god initially I thought panjiri ladoos kept in plate n when opened the pic then realised,” said a fourth.

Here’s how others reacted:

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