Cops spring to action at midnight to rescue bear cubs stuck in dumpster. Watch

A late-night trip of three beer cubs to a dumpster turned sour when they got stuck inside it. Thanks to the deputies of Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, however, the tiny ones are safe and reunited with their mother. Chances are this story which will leave you with a big smile on your face and a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart.

The story came to the limelight after being shared on the department’s official Facebook profile. The post is complete with a video of the entire incident.

“Just before midnight one day this past week, our Mountains deputies received a call about some bear cubs that had fallen into a commercial dumpster and couldn’t get out,” they shared.

Then they added, how the angry bear mom kept guarding the dumpster to stop anyone from going near her babies. In the following lines they described how the “Deputies worked together to keep an eye on mom while safely flipping open the dumpster lids. Two cubs immediately scrambled out while a third, affectionately referred to as sweet pea in the video, needed a little extra help to rejoin the family.”

The post ended with a positive note, “In a world with a lot of challenging and sad news right now, we hope this story brings a smile to your face, JeffCo! We’ll be here if you need us.”

The video showcases the entire ordeal and the rescue:

With over 13,000 views, the post has also gathered more than 600 reactions. People had a lot to say about the video. From praising the officers to expressing their happiness, netizens left various reactions on the post’s comments section.

“Awwww….thank you for helping them,” wrote a Facebook user. “Aww those poor babies, their cries were so sad!! Thank you for helping them!” expressed another. “Thank you for saving those babies and helping their mother get her babies back home safely! Jeffco you ROCK you’re the BEST!” expressed a third.

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