Dog reacts to treat, gets super excited. Watch wholesome video

Dogs can be the sweetest and kindest companions but also the silliest good bois. And the video of this cute pooch proves the same. Shared on Reddit, this clip of a dog getting excited after looking at a treat may remind you of all those dishes you find irresistible and can’t stop being thrilled about.

The 13-second-long clip shows a person offering a treat to a cute and super excited doggo. But as the pooch looks at the treat, it stands up on its hinds legs and prances around in glee. The episode is probably relatable to everyone who love food.

Check out the adorable video:

Treat causes malfunction from r/AnimalsBeingDerps

The post has received over 8,900 upvotes and tons of amused comments from netizens.

One Reddit user wrote what must be going on in the doggo’s mind and wrote, “Come ONNN, what do you want me to DOOOOO!?”

“Owner: ‘Who’s a good girl!?’ Good girl: ‘I donno, who!?,” witty wrote another. Some reddit users were ‘concerned’ about the dog’s derp-tremble dance moves and asked, “Have you tried turning him off and then on again?”

What do you think of this dog?

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