Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s daughter Tia blames her mess on ‘spaghetti fairy’ in hilarious clip

If you regularly follow Dwayne Johnson on Instagram, you may have come across several adorable posts that show him as an affectionate and fun dad. This recent Instagram post by Johnson featuring his toddler daughter Tia is a precious addition to that category.

In the caption, Johnson shared the incident involving his daughter and spaghetti. Turns out, his daughter Tia made a mess by spilling spaghetti on the floor but promptly shifted the blame on ‘Paghetti fairy’.

It’s the little one’s reaction when asked who made the mess that makes the clip a treat to watch. “That’s my kid —unflappable in the moment of crisis,” reads a part of the caption shared by Johnson.

Take a look at the clip:


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Shared on January 4, the clip has garnered over 23 million views and tons of comments from netizens. People couldn’t stop gushing at Tia’s innocence. Many also lauded Johnson for being such a doting father. Others simply showered their love in form of heart emojis.

“‘She did it again?!’ Hahahaha,” wrote an Instagram user. “Omg classic. Lol. I’m still looking for the laundry fairy,” commented another. “Omg the biggest sweetest daddy,” gushed a third.

What are your thoughts on this adorable video?

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