Facebook’s touching Diwali video about hiring those who lost jobs amid pandemic wins hearts

A heartening video by Facebook is leaving people inspired and teary-eyed all at the same time. The video is based on job losses during the pandemic. With a message about hiring those who have lost their jobs and using social media as a tool to spread happiness among others, the film has struck a chord with many.

The nearly seven-and-a-half-minutes-long video is based on Pooja, who runs a small dairy shop in Amritsar. As the film starts, Pooja is seen reading about job losses in the pandemic. She then posts a message on Facebook about hiring those who have lost their jobs. Soon an electrician, a carpenter, a tailor and a few more come seeking jobs at Pooja Milk Center. Despite her brother’s protests over hiring staff they can’t afford, Pooja offers them jobs at the shop, reminding him of something their father would say.

“Kuch aisa bada kaam karo ki dukaan chhoti padd jaaye,” he would say.

After months of struggling with business, Pooja is forced to sell her car. But, things don’t improve, and days before Diwali, her brother suggests letting go of extra staff to make ends meet. “Inki bhi toh Diwali hai,” she tells him. However, the very next day, something wonderful happens.

Watch the entire video below to see what happens:

The film, since being shared on November 11, has received a ton of positive reactions from netizens.

“Great work, surely lifts the spirits in this pandemic atmosphere. Thank you,” wrote a Facebook user. “Wish all business owners have this much courage. Really heart touching video,” posted another. “Mind blowing, awesome video. I couldn’t stop myself from crying while watching this video,” commented a third.

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