Fact Check: Is this deer playing at a beach in Odisha amid lockdown? Here’s the truth

A video of a deer happily leaping through the waves at a beach is being shared with a claim that it’s captured amid the ongoing nationwide lockdown. Though certainly a happy watch, the video isn’t recent. In fact, the video is four years old and being shared with a false claim.

“Chandrabhaga, Puri-Konark marine drive. See how freely these beautiful creatures of nature are enjoying the human lock in period. Don’t you think it’s time to introspect? We r only an instrument, not having any power of ourselves in the hand of Almighty Every1 has their share of life,” a Twitter user wrote and shared the video.

Several others too have shared the same video with similar captions.

A reverse image search of the keyframes of the video revealed a Facebook post shared four years ago in 2015. The post has the same video and is shared by a scriptwriter named Anthony Martin.

So, the video of the deer playing at a beach is not captured during the recent lockdown. It is being shared with a fake claim.

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