#HalfFace Twitter is the new the trend netizens are obsessed with it. Seen it yet?

Trust tweeple to provide you with quality entertaining content on social media if you’re looking for some laughs. After the bizarre ‘Binod’ trend, Twitter is currently buzzing with a new trend called #HalfFace Twitter. And netizens have come up with several creative attempts as well as hilarious memes for this trending hashtag.

The hashtag #HalfFace Twitter requires the individual to post a selfie of themselves or any other being with just half of the face visible. Here are a few examples:

The trend may be going viral right now but many say Batman supervillain Harvey Dent was probably the pioneer:

This cow is totally acing the trend:

And the cutest half face selfie award goes to…

Keeping up with the current times, this netizen has hit a six with his creativity

Check out some funny memes shared by netizens:

What are your thoughts on this trend? Will you be trying it too?

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