Haryana excise department generated ₹600 crore more revenue this year: Dushyant

Haryana deputy chief minister Dushyant Chautala on Sunday said in past six months, the excise and taxation department generated ₹660 crore more revenue than the corresponding period of previous year.

The deputy CM, who also holds the excise and taxation portfolio, has been battling the allegations of alleged irregularities pertaining to the sale of liquor during the lockdown. The new excise policy could not be implemented due to the lockdown. The old policy runs till the end of the financial year (March 31) and the new policy comes into effect from April 1. This year the new policy started from May 6.

On Sunday, the excise department declared the figures for the first quarter (May 6 to August 19) and the second quarter (August 19 to November 18).

“From May 6 to November 18, the department has collected ₹660 crore more revenue as compared to the corresponding six months of the previous year,” Dushyant Chautala said in a statement.

He said the excise department will not only meet the target of raising ₹7,500 crore revenue as projected in the new policy, but also there is a possibility of generating about 25% additional revenue.

He said in the first quarter (May 6 to August 19), a total revenue of ₹2,391 crore was generated in comparison to ₹2,142 crore during the same period last year.

Similarly, in the second quarter (August 19 to November 18), ₹1,773 crore was collected, while in the second quarter last year this amount was ₹1,361.

He said from the Covid cess, ₹195 crore has come to the treasury till the second quarter.

The excise minister said the state government has made provisions in the excise policy to curb the practice of tax evasion and that the flow illicit liquor from neighbouring states has been curbed.

“Due to the alertness of the officers of the department, every single rupee of excise revenue is coming into the treasury and that is why we are getting more revenue than the target,” he said.

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