Here’s a beginner’s guide to acing a sharp winged liner; check it out

Makeup lovers will agree that one can never get over this timeless look

Creating a sharp winged eyeliner is not easy. If not done properly, you may end up looking like a racoon. But, if you are looking to ace this classic makeup look, practise it. Here is Ankita Chaturvedi, a beauty blogger showing you how to get the wing look right. Check out her video.

Steps to achieve a winged eyeliner

*Start from the middle of the lead and closer to the lash line — draw a half straight line using your liquid eyeliner focusing on the outer corner.

*The next step can make or break your look, so focus. Imagine you are naturally extending your lower lash line upwards focusing towards the eyebrows.

*Make a small line, and once you are done, match the end of the extended line by moving inwards towards the lashes and join the two little lines. This allows you to complete the little wing.

*Now fill the gap you have in the wing. Always remember to do short strokes to build your winged eyeliner. Following that cue, complete the inner eyeliner. Next, tight-line your eyes with a kajal on the upper eyelashes — this helps your eyes look bigger.

*In case a little stroke happens to go here or there, just use a Q-tip. Finish the look with a generous dose of mascara and you will get your glamorous look!

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