How to build the best resume during the college days

Completing college days with an undisputable resume would be the most significant aim of every student. In-order to ensure this there are five Golden Rules to be followed.

1. The finest resume can be made only with authentic data

Many students would realize the lack of genuine content to prepare resume only when they start drafting the rough copy. In the absence of original points no expert can help to make a perfect copy. This indicates to the importance of involving in a good array of activities during the college days which can be converted as impressive points on the resume in future.

2.The skeleton of the effective resumes are prepared during the first year

The most prevalent practice seen around with students who have prepared the most effective resumes is that they develop a skeleton during the first year of college and use rest of the time to give it flesh and blood.

The skeleton can be developed by including heads which are relevant for each student. They can pick the categories from a basket of items as listed below.

Mandatory Heads in the resume



*Contact details

*Purpose statement

*Education details

-Recommended Heads in the resume

*Projects associated with


*Work experience

*Entrepreneurial experience

*Charity initiatives

*Arts and Cultural achievements

*Achievements in sports

*Academic accolades

*Non-academic accolades

*Papers presented

*Conferences/seminars attended

*Books published

*Proficiency in foreign languages

*Leadership roles/responsibilities held

*Places visited

*Companies/industries/factories visited

*Scholarships won

*Activities/involvement in activities impacted human life

Once the format is created the progress can be reviewed at the end of every month. This would help the student to plan steps to be taken during the next month. If anyone who read this has passed the first year, there is no reason to worry about. They can patch up the loss with a slight amount of extra effort.

3.Points mentioned on the resume should be supported with evidences

There are many children who place lot of claims on the resume, but fail to keep any proof for the same. In general the people who verify the resume would not dis-belief the claims. However, it is always advisable to keep a detail portfolio file with evidence for each points a student mention on the resume. This does not only increase the power of the resume, but confidence of the owner.

4.‘Focus’ increases effectiveness of the resume

A major mistake many youngsters commit is to keep the resume disconnected. This is not an intended fault, but happens due to the lack of focus. It is always advisable to develop a broader idea regarding the field you wish to work, at the least for next 5 years. Once this idea is in place, events under each category on the resume can be built around this focus. For an example if a student decide to focus on career as an ‘astrophysicist’, presentation of papers, internships, publications, industry visits and such areas to be planned in relation to the area of astrophysics. This can be very supportive during the pitch you make with the resume.

5.Non-common items always grab extra attention

Inclusion of non-common items such as entrepreneurship experience, proficiency of foreign language, activities impacted human life, published books etc. can gain more weightage during the evaluation of the resume by an university or employer. It is worthwhile to take an initiative to attach achievements of this type to your profile.

In most of the cases top resumes are not accidental happenings, but conscious creations by intelligent students who follow a dedicated path. Nowadays for both higher education and jobs resumes matter a lot. Considering this fact, it is important for each student in college to spend mindful attention to craft the best resumes by following the golden rules.

(Author Praveen Parameswar is Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Lifology. Views expressed here are personal.)

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