‘How to fight coronavirus?’ Delhi Police’s post has the answer

Police forces around the nation have been using their social media presence to spread important health information. This post by the Delhi Police is no different and conveys an essential message in a witty way regarding how one can prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

This image was shared from the Delhi Police’s official Instagram and Twitter accounts on September 10. “Don’t leave your home unless absolutely necessary. Protect yourself from Covid-19,” reads the text shared alongside the photograph.

The illustration is designed to resemble a screenshot of a Google search page. “How to fight coronavirus?” reads the text written in the search bar. Below the icons, usually visible on the webpage, is a function many may be familiar with. It is Google’s ‘did you mean’ function, which suggests alternative keywords after scanning user queries for spelling and grammar errors.

Meme makers often utilize this trend for comedic purposes by writing a funny alternative to the word or phrase written in the search bar next to the sentence: ‘did you mean’. In this scenario, “Staying indoors,” is written post the phrase and suggests that the best way to restrict the spread of Covid-19 is to stay indoors. The hashtag #StayHomeStaySafe is also visible in the snapshot.

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Don't leave your home unless absolutely necessary. Protect yourself from Covid-19.

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Since being shared on the Internet, this post has received a whole lot of love. It currently has over 300 likes on Instagram and over 112 likes on Twitter.

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