Huge spiderweb found in Missouri, US spooks netizens. Beautiful but scary, they say

You may not be a fan of spiders, but this image of a huge spiderweb is bound to leave you fascinated. The image has left many spooked and others appreciating its intricate beauty.

The image has been shared on the Facebook account of the Missouri Dept. of Conservation. Their post details that the web was created by an orbweaver spider and was captured on camera on a trail near Springfield in Missouri, USA.

“MDC Media Specialist Francis Skalicky snapped a pic of the orbweaver’s spiderweb while out on a trail in Springfield recently,” says the post. It mentions further that a number of orbweaver species can be found in Missouri.

“Their webs are most noticeable in late summer in fall, when webs and adults reach their largest size,” says the post. “This one is a bit bigger than a dinner plate,” it says further. A link to their official website shared in the post explains that these are rather large and often hairy spiders that help control the populations of flying insects.

The image shared as part of the post shows the giant web next to a tree.

The image makes it look quite huge, and that’s probably why people have been posting so many reactions to it.

Shared on September 30, the image has collected over 3,200 reactions and more than 2,800 shares.

“I’m intrigued by spider webs but not so much by their constructors,” commented an individual. “I’d freak out seeing this, knowing there is a spider the size of my hand nearby… *shudders*,” shared another.

“It’s a beautiful intricate wonder of nature! Wonder how spiders can make their webs so perfect, they’re amazing spiders!” added a third. “A beautiful piece of art from a little scary little spider. I’ve never seen a design like this before,” posted a fourth.

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