Intubated Covid patient in ICU plays violin for hospital staff. Bittersweet video will leave you teary-eyed

A video of a retired orchestra teacher playing violin while in ICU due to Covid has left people teary eyed. The bittersweet video shows Grover Wilhelmsen playing renditions of different songs including the “Tennessee Waltz” and church hymns. He did this to say “thank you” to the caregivers at McKay-Dee Hospital, where he is admitted. Since he couldn’t speak while intubated, he chose the language of music to convey his gratitude.

Intermountain Healthcare, McKay-Dee Hospital’s parent company, shared the video on YouTube. This is one such video which will touch your soul.

“He was intubated and unable to talk, but I knew from the other nurses that he’s a retired orchestra teacher. He’s been playing and teaching his entire life,” told hospital’s resident nurse Ciara Sase, cited a blog shared by Intermountain Healthcare.

Wilhelmsen conveyed his love for music to Sase by writing it on a piece of paper. “Toward the middle of my shift he wrote, ‘You know, I really want to play here at the hospital. What do you think about my wife bringing in my violin and viola?’ I said to him, ‘We’d love to hear you play, it would bring so much brightness and positivity into our environment’,” said Sase.

Then she spoke to her co-workers and consulted a doctor to ensure that bringing a violin inside the ICU is safe. When the team agreed, Sase help Wilhelmsen to setup for his performance. She stayed inside and used a device to help her colleague, standing outside the closed doors of the ICU, to listen to the brilliant music.

“Grover Wilhelmsen, a patient at McKay-Dee Hospital, plays his violin for caregivers as a thank you to lift their spirits. The songs include the Tennessee Waltz and church hymns,” they wrote and shared the clip.

Since being shard, the video has gathered over 50,000 views and tons of comments. People couldn’t stop commenting how the video left them emotional.

“I thought you had to be sedated to be on a ventilator. This man is breaking the mold. Way to go, Grover!” wrote a YouTube user. “This might be the loveliest, most gracious sight I’ve seen since March. Best wishes to this man and all those suffering from Covid-19, and a heartfelt thanks to everyone working so hard to help the sick,” shared another. “I’m in awe of you, sir. Be well soon, and may you, your family, and your caregivers be blessed,” commented a third.

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