Kid sees dad without beard for first time. Her reaction will make you LOL

Most of us know someone whom we have never seen without a beard. And imagining their face without it is hard, may be even impossible. Now, imagine this person to suddenly shave off their beard. The result may come as a surprise to many, especially kids. That is exactly what this video shows. It captures a toddler’s reaction to seeing her dad without his beard for the first time. There’s a possibility that her reaction will leave you chuckling hard.

“When you saw daddy shaved for the first time,” reads the caption of the post shared on Reddit. Since being posted, it has gathered more than 82,000 upvotes and the numbers are only increasing. Additionally, it has also received a shout out from Reddit on their official Instagram profile.

About 15 seconds long, the video shows exactly what the caption describes. It shows the kid, giggling hard while playing peek-a-boo with her dad, whose face is half covered with a towel. However, the toddler’s expression instantly changes when her dad removes the towel.

Watch her reaction in the video below:

The video has prompted people to share several reactions. While some couldn’t stop laughing at the instant change in her expression, others shared similar stories.

“Stranger danger! Stranger danger!” joked a Redditor. “The very first time I saw my dad without his moustache I wondered who the bloke on me sofa was,” shared another. “I remember one time I shaved after a long time of having a beard, I walked downstairs and my dog started barking at me like I was an intruder,” said a third.

“Her expression says it all,” expressed an individual on Instagram. “That’s literally all of us when someone shaves their beard. New face who dis?” commented another. That indeed is the truth.

What do you think of the video? Have you ever faced a similar situation?

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