‘Look at every jiggle, every curve’: Sameera Reddy shows how to love your body

Watch Sameera Reddy's unfiltered video on body affirmations and how they lead to body positivity

Loving your body at any age, size, shape may not come naturally to a lot of people but is the need of the hour, feels actor Sameera Reddy. The mother-of-two has been spreading body positivity vibes for a long time now, and recently shared a video showing off her “every jiggle, every curve”.



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The De Dana Dan actor captioned the post on Instagram, “Best exercise? “Look at every jiggle, every curve, every part of you and just give it positive vibes with affirmations. It’s a game-changer. True love begins with you. Fitness is so much about being mentally in tune with your body and changing our narrative in your head.”

Sharing her idea of body positivity, the 42-year-old also mentioned in the video, “Body affirmations is your key to body positivity”.

In recent years, Sameera has often taken to social media to raise awareness about self-love, self-care, mental health, and more which has earned her followers and fans from across the spectrum.

Earlier, she opened up on how she does not shy away from flaunting her “bare skin” without any makeup. “Today I’m so comfortable in my bare skin but I admit a few years back I would never let anyone take pictures of me without full makeup on,” she expressed in an Instagram post.




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Sameera said a “nice gloss” and a “full smile” in enough. “I’m now happy to just have a nice gloss and a full smile. Confidence really does come from within and I guess only time teaches you to believe in yourself!”

The actor has been working out with weights, boxing, badminton, and yoga while trying intermittent fasting.



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“…my intermittent fasting is back on track and my yoga is helping me with my mental and physical balance ( much needed) I’ve really had to hold back on sweet !! Super hard but I see the difference!”




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Sameera also shared that there was a time when she used to “fear” stretch marks but now she calls them her “tiger stripes”. “I used to fear you, hate you, be embarrassed by you but the day I embraced you, wore you as my armour and loved you as my tiger stripes…I felt more powerful than ever,” she wrote alongside a picture.

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