Mask Paraottas take social media by storm. Seen these yet?

With masks being the new normal, you’ve probably see various kinds doing the rounds of the Internet. From designers ones to those with pictures and even DIY versions, there are several varieties of masks. However, these special ones really stand out. Produced in southern Tamil Nadu, these masks create a real appetite for safety. A restaurant in Madurai is making ‘mask parottas’ in a bid to create awareness about ways to stay safe during the ongoing pandemic.

‘Temple City’, a chain of restaurants in Madurai, Tamil Nadu conceived the idea a few days back and there was no looking back since then. Initially one set, that is two paraottas with a little gravy, was sold for Rs 40 but later it was hiked to Rs 50 a set.

“Besides spreading the message of safety and much-needed physical distance this helped us well because earlier many used to come to our joints without masks but now all come covered to buy mask parottas,” quipped owner of the hotel chain K L Kumar. He said the idea was first conceived by parotta master (a chef specialised in parotta-making) S Satish who tried it for two days to get the look and texture of the bread.

“The ingredients are the same – maida, dalda, yeast, eggs and a little sugar. Making dough is important and it involves rigorous weaving and spinning. I used different masks including surgical ones to replicate them. Good our humble parotta is raising awareness in pandemic times,” said Satish, adding that now he has trained his deputies to make the parottas without seeing the real masks.

The mask parottas have taken social media by storm. “What a way to reach out to people! Foodies, will you ever forget this mask parotta. From Madurai, the land of crispy parottas,” tweeted Sudha Ramen IFS, sharing a picture of this special creation.

Pictures of the mask parottas are circulating all over social media and tweeple can’t help but share their reactions to the special dish.

“Jokes apart. It’s innovative in spreading awareness. Salute the creativity,” says a Twitter user. “Never had this but yes I am happy this creates awareness for our campaign here, please wear #masks before you wanna eat this masked #Parrotta,” says another.

Many others are sharing their reactions:

 What do you think about these mask parottas? Would you like to try them?

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