Our world doesn’t need a hero with a licence to kill. We need people with courage to create: Pierce Brosnan

The James Bond actor shared in the video how passion has the potential to drive change.

Best known for playing James Bond, actor Pierce Brosnan, who is also an environmentalist, spoke about the role of passion in one’s life. In this inspiring Goalcast video, Brosnan shared that people can’t achieve things without other people.

“Wherever you are going, you won’t get there alone. I certainly didn’t. It is easy to feel overwhelmed or daunted by the challenges facing our world. In moments when you feel outmatched, you need people you can turn to. You need people who can support you, who can swell spirits, who can pick you up and dust you off and set you right. And once you are ready to get back into the fight, you would need people to stand by your side. Our world doesn’t need a lone hero out to solve things solo. Our world doesn’t need a hero who chases only adventure and glamour. We need people who have a passion and a sense of a mission,” he mentioned.

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Brosnan, who has been advocating for saving the last pristine breeding ground of the California grey whales, along with his wife Keely, shared how passion has the potential to change the world. “Our world doesn’t need you to chase the super-spy lifestyle, it needs you to find a passion and a mission. Greatness doesn’t come from destruction. It comes from the courage to create, to see the opportunity that we have been given and seize it and build the future. You are the architects, engineers of a new tomorrow and like no species before us, you have the power to shape the future,” he said.

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