People demand something else on Twitter’s ‘How it started vs how it’s going’ post

If you have been around the Internet, then you must have seen people sharing all sorts of posts under “How it started vs how it’s going” trend. What started as a trend for couples to show how far they have come in their relationships in comparison to when they meet, later promoted people to share all sorts of success stories. Now, Twitter too has joined the trend with their latest post.

The tech company shared two images. One shows the “retweet” option with “How it started as the caption. The other image, which has “How it’s going” caption, shows the “quote tweet” option that they introduced earlier this year.

Since being shared, the tweet quickly grabbed people’s attention. Till now it has received more than 770 likes.

There were a few who appreciated Twitter’s post. However, most people expressed that they want the tech company to introduce another feature – the edit button. This has been a point of discussion among people for years – tweeple have been asking when Twitter will introduce the edit button, like the other social media platforms.

What would you reply to Twitter’s post? Or do you want to comment about the edit button too?

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