Pigeon the pup’s excitement over getting on her wheelchair will make you smile. Watch

Are you feeling a little down today? Such days can indeed be hard to get through, and if you’re making that journey today, then here is a little pick-me-up that hopefully helps keep you going. We are talking about a video of a doggo named Pigeon. Pigeon’s excitement over getting on her chair is so pure and infectious that it may leave for grinning for a while.

This recording was initially posted on Pigeon’s very own Instagram account back in August. However, it is capturing netizens’ hearts once again after being shared on Reddit on October 11. “Her name is Pigeon and she gets excited when it’s time to put on her chair,” reads the caption of the video.

The recording starts with the pooch looking super excited as soon as she spots her chair. Her hooman waits for her to calm down a little before picking her up. The person then places the doggo safely in her chair. Once the canine is properly harnessed, it is go-time, and Pigeon knows it.

Check out her impressive zoomies and be careful, this adorable doggo might just zoomie straight into your heart:

Since being shared on the subreddit ‘aww’, this post has received a whole lot of love, and rightfully so. The share has garnered over 90,600 upvotes and nearly 1,000 comments.

Here is what Redditors had to say about the share. One person said, “That’s freaking adorable. I’d love to see her zooming around”.

Another individual wrote, “I just discovered that I love Pigeon. Aww”. “And the Grinch’s heart grew 3 sizes that day,” read one comment under the post.

What are your thoughts on the share?

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