Raju Srivastava health UPDATE: MRI report suggests lack of oxygen to brain; vital nerve suppressed

Raju Shrivastava, the comic par excellence, arguably India’s greatest standup comic of all time, and definitely one of the biggest reasons for making standup comedy popular in the country, recently collapsed and suffered a massive heart attack while running on the treadmill in a gym. Reportedly, he underwent an angioplasty after being admitted in AIIMS hospital, and is now being monitored closely as the word is that Raju Srivastava is far from being out of the woods. Several reports circulated about the ‘Raju Srivastava health condition’, with many claiming there’s but a slim chance of recovery. Sadly, it seems that could be true as per his MRI reports that has supposedly surfaced.

Raju Srivastav MRI report suggests suppressed brain nerve

Apparently, Raju Srivastav‘s brother, Deepu Srivastav, has reportedly spoken spoken about his brother’s MRI report to a few media people. As per Aaj Tak and ABP News, he revealed that a nerve in Raju Shrivastava‘s brain is being suppressed to go with injury marks on his brain as a result of a lack of smooth oxygen flow to it, which has lead to the ace comedian’s heart attack and other complications. Apparently, the doctors are trying their level best to recover the nerve to its original position, which is the most important step to Raju Srivastava’s convalescence.


Hospital source paints not-so-rosy picture for Raju Shrivastav

A source from the hospital revealed that Raju Shrivastav is now critical and has been put on life support in the ICU, under the strict observation of Professor Dr. Nitish Naik of the Department of Cardiology at AIIMS, as reported by Tarun Mitra news portal. Apparently, many family members and friends barring a select few haven’t been allowed to meet him.

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