Shraddha Kapoor shares tale of rescuers helping stray cat, gets double tap from Varun Dhawan

A happy tale involving a stray cat has now tugged at the heartstrings of people after it was shared on Instagram by actor Shraddha Kapoor. A combination of videos and images, chances are that the post will leave you with a smile too.

Kapoor wrote that a stray cat around her home was in need of urgent medical attention and nursing. Hence, she got in touch with World For All Animal Care, an organization which deals with adoptions, rescues and sterilization of street dogs and cats. They responded quickly and sprang into action to help the stray in need.

One video, shared by Kapoor, shows a person from the organisation, named Rahul, trying to lure the cat out from what appears to be a heap of rubbish. The other one shows one of the rescuers petting the feline.

Take a look at the post:

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Since being shared less than an hour ago, the post has already gathered over 3.1 lakh likes. It has also received a double tap from actor Varun Dhawan. People had tons of comments to share on the post. There were many who shared heart emojis to express their reactions.

“Humanity,” wrote an Instagram user. “Well done,” wrote another. “Kindhearted gesture,” expressed a third. “Superb,” said a fourth.

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