Thief breaks into eatery, prepares pizza before stealing delivery car. Watch

Fullerton Police Department took to Instagram to share an unusual, and somewhat hilarious, video of a perpetrator. The clip shows the burglar, who broke into an eatery, preparing a pizza for himself before stealing a delivery car along with other items.

“You’ve heard of the Hamburglar? Well, meet the Pizza Burglar! On Sunday morning a local pizza shop was broken into. This guy had the audacity to not only break in, but also steal their tablets and cash! Before he stole their delivery car to leave, he couldn’t resist his craving and helped himself to making a pizza pie! FPD identified, located and arrested him. Needless to say, jail doesn’t serve his favorite meal,” they wrote.

Take a look at the clip:

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Since being shared, it has received close to 20,000 views and tons of comments from people. Several took a hilarious route to express themselves.

“Not the best pizza maker,” wrote an Instagram user. “Did you book the evidence, or eat it?” joked another. “And he got gloves on,” noticed a third. “Good job, that is funny he made a pizza before his arrest,” said a fourth.

What do you think of the video?

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