This seemingly unassuming clip of women on a video call is an attempt to help victims of domestic abuse

A clip of two women on a video call talking about a banana bread recipe has now garnered over 10 million views on Twitter. Though seemingly unassuming at first glance, this video shows how a victim of domestic abuse can call for help without letting their abusers know by using a specific hand gesture.

In the video, one woman asks another for banana bread recipe. To this, the other person starts explaining with a big smile on her face. A few seconds into the video, the first woman makes a hand gesture that instantly wipes off the smile from the other woman’s face. The video ends with the instructions on how to make the signal.

Though the video is an advertisement of an initiative and doesn’t detail a real-life incident, it certainly gives a peek into the situations several people face every day. The initiative is launched by the Canadian Woman’s foundation and is called “Signal For Help”. It helps a person to silently show that they need help.

Take a look at the video:

With over 5.3 lakh likes and close to 6.1 lakh retweets, the video has sparked a lot of thoughts among people. While some wrote that this is a good tool for the victims to ask for help, others wrote that the abusers should be punished. There were a few who also suggested other ways to call for help.

“My stomach is in knots watching this,” wrote a Twitter user. “Abusers should be behind bars,” expressed another. Another individual shared a signal for help they saw at a doctor’s office:

“Please share this. Domestic abuse is one of the worst forms of human violence,” wrote another Twitter user urging people to share the video. “Watching this hurts, even though they said it’s just a commercial I wanna cry for her,” expressed a fourth.

As for another user of the micro-blogging site they wrote, “The thought of someone having to use this breaks my heart.”

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